The Essential Component: Juniper

Without nepeta cataria, our gin wouldn't be Catford gin. But, without juniper it wouldn't even be gin!

Juniper is the one essential ingredient in this process, and that's no arbitrary rule, its law!

According to this legislation all gins must be:
  • Made with suitable ethyl alcohol flavoured with juniper berries (juniperus communis) and other flavourings.
  • The ethyl alcohol used must be distilled to the minimum standards stated in the EU Spirit Drink Regulations.
  • The predominant flavour must be juniper.
  • Water may be added to reduce the strength but the gin must have a minimum retail strength of 37.5% alc./vol..
  • Further ethyl alcohol of the same composition used in the distillation may be added after any distillation.

Catford Gin is a a juniper heavy spirit, so we certainly pass the muster here!