Our label features the beloved and iconic Catford Cat.
It was designed by architects Owen Luder and Rodney Gordon (the pair also designed the Michael Faraday Memorial in Elephant & Castle - the big silver box in the middle of the roundabout).

It was erected in 1974 as part of the Council’s plan to make Catford a shopping, cultural and leisure destination.

It’s made up of three pieces - the body, the head and the paw and sits on two big beams which counterbalance each other - one at the front and one at the back.

It was last given a lick of paint in 2019 where there was a suggestion to repaint it ginger, which was immediately dismissed.

Our tasting notes

On the nose: juniper and citrus with a lovely richness with fresh pine and pine resin. Herbaceous notes with floral notes then follow. There’s a suggestion of sweetness reminiscent of candied citrus peel.

On the palate: dry and crisp start with a warming lifted alcohol on the mid-palate. Lovely composition of flavours in a smooth and subtle way with a peppery and oily finish.



Gin & Tonic. If you can say it, you can make it. Right?  Right. But also, not exactly. The two-ingredient cocktail requires your undivided attention. From glassware to garnish to style of gin and spirit proof, everything should be carefully considered when mixing a G&T.

Too much gin, and the botanical spirit will overshadow the unique qualities of the tonic. Too much tonic, and it will drown the gin.
Then, of course, there’s the garnish.
We usually go for thyme but here we’re going for classic

- 60 ml Catford Gin
- 120 ml  tonic water
- Ice
- Lemon to garnish

- Fill a highball glass with ice,
then add the gin
- Top with the tonic water and stir
- Garnish and enjoy!

Catford and proud

We are Catford and proud!
We've lived locally for 20 years and love this part of south east London we call home. What started off as a joke down the pub (catnip in a Catford gin) has become a reality.
We love Catford and we love our multi award-winning gin.
We hope you will too!

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