Catford Gin was created by us - two naturalised Catfordians and South London natives. 

We have always loved gin but we wanted to create a smooth and sippable tipple that represented all the things we love about Catford - its people, diversity, community spirit and, of course, the iconic Catford Cat. 

Our multi award-winning gin is exceptional. A stunning juniper base harmonises with our inimitable lead botanical, catnip - an often overlooked member of the mint family. Also known as Nepeta Cataria, catnip has a subtle but unique flavour profile with delicate hints of fresh pine and vibrant aromas of lemongrass which bring levity to the earthy notes of coriander, orris and angelica to create a deeply aromatic gin. 

Just like Catford, it might appear a little strange at first but once you try it, we guarantee you won’t want to drink anything else.

Distilled locally from superior, fairly traded botanicals - foraged locally where possible - Catford Gin is
the spirit of Catford while simultaneously embodying it. The Catford community has been instrumental in supporting our endeavour and we are wholeheartedly committed to giving back by supporting local community events and charitable causes. But we aren’t content with limiting ourselves.
We are on a mission to take Catford Gin to the rest of the world, while sharing our love of south east London and exemplifying what makes it truly special. 

Sustainable and ethical production is central to what we do. From distillation, to bottling and packaging to delivery, we only work with suppliers and distributors who share our core values. We are constantly learning and working to ensure that we are following the best practices to protect our planet. Every single order is packaged with Flexi-Hex, an innovative protective sleeving with a honeycomb design that is a carbon neutral alternative to plastic and polystyrene. Created with the environment and sustainability at the forefront, the Flexi-Hex range is entirely biodegradable and manufactured from only sustainably sourced materials, providing the ultimate planet-friendly packaging solution. 

Where possible, we deliver our gin with as little environmental impact as possible. Local orders are delivered by hand or by cargo bike, and where this is not possible, we work closely with independent couriers who work to offset carbon emissions.