Our Perfect Serve

For the perfect G&T, our tonic of choice has to be Bermondsey Mixer Co!

We chose Bermondsey Mixer Co. for our perfect serve, not just because they’re our south east London brethren, but because their tonic water is fantastic! 

Life for Bermondsey Mixer Co began at London gin bar, Two One Four. Nick Crispini & fellow Gin lover Lawrence Mason found that the overpowering taste of Quinine extract, used in most commercial tonics, was smothering the subtle flavours of the gins they were serving.

The importance that Bermondsey Mixer Co. places on being able to enjoy the delicate flavour profile of your gin of choice is really important to us, especially with the incredibly unique botanicals in our Catford Gin! The minty lead botanical, Catnip, blends perfectly with the citrusy notes of the lemon peel and lime flower oil. Alongside the earthy notes of coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root and juniper it creates an intensely aromatic gin that’s fresh yet complex. 

The majority of commercial tonic water uses a solvent extract of tonic’s key ingredient quinine, but they use cinchona bark which is quinine in its unprocessed, raw and natural form. It’s also the reason that their tonic water retains its beautiful natural amber hue and a warm, refreshing flavour.

Artisanal, craft gins deserve only the best tonic! Our perfect serve pairs 50 ml of our Catford Gin with a healthy glug of Bermondsey Mixer Co. Tonic Water, and a slice of lemon to complement the notes fresh pine, citrus and lemongrass. Of course, you can mix up your garnishes, or try another brilliant tonic from the range.