Catford Gin makes its debut

We are pleased to announce our debut. Catford Gin is a 40% ABV expression, infused with the often overlooked yet unique botanical catnip.
Also known as Nepeta cataria, its a member of the mint family and has subtle notes of fresh pine and lemongrass.

The citrusy top notes of lemon peel and lime flower alongside the earthy notes of coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root and juniper create an intensely aromatic distillate that’s fresh yet complex. It’s a versatile gin that works as well in a classic G&T as it does in a cocktail.

Each limited edition batch of Catford Gin is vegan and contains ingredients which are sustainably sourced.

We have also partnered with Flexi-Hex to deliver our fine gin. It's a honeycomb sleeve made from a 100% recyclable and a biodegradable alternative to plastic and polystyrene. The sleeve is made from sustainably sourced materials and manufactured in a carbon neutral process.

It was created by us - a pair of naturalised Catfordians and South London natives and have created the Catford Gin to pay homage to our beloved area.

It costs £34 for 50cl and is available exclusively at its obvious home - the House of Catford pop up on Catford Broadway and for pre-order online for 15 November 2021 delivery.