Catford Gin Wins at International Wine & Spirits Competition; Mixer Awards!

Catford Gin has been awarded a bronze medal in the 'Gin & Tonic' category at International Wine and Spirits Competition Mixer Awards 2022.

The judging was carried out by a specially selected judging panel - headed by Shannon Tebay, Head Bartender at The Savoy’s The American Bar - in search for the perfect match for Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water & the world's best G&T! 

Each spirit was judged blindly under the exact same conditions,one part gin to three parts tonic; no ice or garnish and tasted in a Riedel glass.

The judges concluded that Catford Gin has elegant aromas leading to a refined, attractive palate. They noted the fragrant, herbal character with delicate notes of juniper, orris and lavender, but ultimately, it was its classic profile that makes it an excellent accompaniment to tonic!

In such a competitive category, we are so excited have to taken home an award!