Catford Gin Takes Silver Medal at the World Gin Awards 2022!

Recently awarded 90/100 by the International Drinks Specialists, Catford Gin has been awarded its second prestigious award in just a matter of months! Picking up the Silver Medal in the Signature Botanical Category at the World Gin Awards 2022, Catford Gin’s smooth yet complex finish has clearly made an impression. 

This award is particularly special to us as naturalised Catfordians! This gin pays tribute to our hometown, the area we love and of course, the beloved Catford cat!

Catford Gin is a stunning juniper-led spirit infused with catnip, otherwise known as Nepeta cataria - an often overlooked botanical which belongs to the mint family which carries delicate notes of fresh pine, citrus and lemongrass.

The bright, citrusy flavours of this unique botanical are softened by the earthy notes of coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root and juniper which when combined, create an intensely aromatic gin. The complexity and unique flavour profile of Catford Gin is not one that is immediately recognisable to the palette and may quietly cause you to stop in your tracks to truly experience it, leading some to ask: has the cat got your tongue?